"Katherine Hoover is an extraordinary composer. She has a wide and fascinating vocabulary which she uses with enormous skill. Her music is fresh and individual. It is dazzlingly crafted, and will reach an audience as it provides interest to the professional musician. I do not know why her works are not yet being played by the major institutions of this country, but I am sure that she will attain the status she deserves in time. She is just too good not to be recognized, and I predict that her time will come soon."

John Corigliano

Eleni:  A Greek Tragedy, Op. 36

full orchestra

“First standing ovation for a contemporary work in our orchestra’s history.” 

Carolann Martin, Conductor, S.E. Kansas Symphony

Quintet Da Pacem

piano and string quartet

"The program's most compelling work was Ms. Hoover's Piano Quintet, a lyrical, flexibly harmonized piece that made a strong impression (at) its premiere in 1989."   

New York Times

“Hoovers Quintet (Da Pacem) is clearly a major contribution to the repertory by a contemporary composer.”

The Montclair Times

“sumptuous and haunting”

New York Newsday

“... a stunning meditation on the Vietnam War based on a canon by Demantius.  Brooding music, building up to a   shattering climax and then returning to peace, it lingers in the memory and demands to be heard again.”

Classical Pulse

String Quartet #1

“The quartet ... is a winner”

Grand Rapids Press

Medieval Suite

flute and piano

“Hoover’s Medieval Suite is the real revelation here.  There are two ways a contemporary composer can deal with the Middle Ages in today’s terms:  by evoking its strangeness, its antiquated Orientalisms, or by painting cinematic pictures of a fairly-tale Medieval, full of castles and monks.  Somehow, Hoover has it both ways.  Her music has a distinctive voice that sings at every turn of some deep, closely held vision.  She makes us want to share in it.”

The Arizona Republic

“The highlight of the afternoon ... Katherine Hoover’s Medieval Suite is brilliant. 

The Intelligencer

“The writing is extremely imaginative and full of exciting instrumental passages displaying the composer’s knowledge and skill... this is a major addition to the flute and piano literature, and every movement has a character and emotional impact that is rarely achieved in contemporary music.”

The Southampton Press


piano trio

“It is risky to attach the title ‘masterpiece’ to contemporary work, but for Katherine Hoover’s Trio I think no smaller word will do. 

The Washington Post

Masks, Op 56

flute and piano

“Katherine Hoover’s “Masks” is the longest and most modern suite, written for flute and piano ... This suite is particularly interesting, full of personality and the customary Hoover verve.”

American Record Guide

Night Skies Op. 46

full orchestra

The resulting work is a wonderful piece of brilliant, colourful, impressionistic orchestration displaying Hoover’s orchestral mater in the most convincing manner... I would certainly like to hear more of her orchestral music.

Hubert Culot