flute alone

Kokopeli, Op. 43 (1990) Winner, National Flute Association Newly Published Music 1991 4-5' 

Winter Spirits, Op. 51 (1997) Premiered by Jeffrey Khaner, NFA Convention Chicago, IL August 1997 5' | video

Reflections, Op. 25 (1982), Variations on a Norwegian chant, written outdoors at Artpark, NY, 6'

Spirit Flight

To Greet the Sun (2004), Premiered by Alexa Still, NFA Convention 2005

Etudes For Flute (2011)

flute and piano

Mountain and Mesa (2008) Premiered by Mimi Stillman and Jeremy Gill, NFA Convention, New York, 2009

Masks, Op. 56 (1998) Commissioned by National Flute Association, Premiered by J. Foster & S. Jacob NFA

Convention, Phoenix, AZ, August 1998 15' | video

Medieval Suite Op. 18 (1981) Winner, NFA Newly Published Music, 1987; Published by Theodore Presser 19' 

flute duets

Antics for two flutes (2002), Published by Papagena Press; Premiered at the National Flute Convention in Washington, D.C. August, 16, 2002 by Katherine Hoover and Don Bailey.

Sound Bytes, Op. 43 (1990) 11'

Suite for Two Flutes, Op. 17 (1977-81) Published by Boelke-Bomart. 9'

Six Simple Duets, Op. 23 (1982) Published by Boelke-Bomart. 6'

two flutes and piano

Faure (Two Pieces), Op. 56 (2002); Arranged by Katherine Hoover, Published by Papagena Press

  1. Le Jardin de Dolly

  2. Le Pas Espanol

  3. Premiered 2007 at the National Flute Convention in Washington, D.C. by K. Hoover and Don Bailey.

flute trios

Trio for Flutes, Op. 6 (1974) 8'

flute ensemble

Mariposas (2001), 4 solos, 6 ensemble parts; loosely based on the emergence and flights of butterflies.  8'

Celebration (2001), A short piece in six parts, written to celebrate Joseph Mariano's 90th birthday. Incorporates short quotes from famous flute pieces. 6'

Kyrie, Op. 55 (1998) 12 Fl.; Commissioned and premiered by the Tucson Flute Club for the NFA Convention, Phoenix, AZ August 1998. 8'

Three for Eight, Op. 50 (1996) 8 Flutes; Commissioned by the New York and Long Island Flute Clubs; Premiered at the NFA Convention, NYC August 1996. 9'

Concertante Dragon Court (2005) 17 + fl, (incl. Alto, Bass, CB), Commissioned by the Brannen-Cooper Fund

Peace Is the Way  (2004) 6 or more fl; level easy

Clowning Around (2011) for multiple flutes (minimum 4) with optional percussion.

flute and orchestra

Four Winds, also with piano reduction

piccolo and piano

Three Sketches, (2003) commission by National Flute Association | video 

alto flute and piano | bass flute and piano

Two for Two

flute, horn and piano

Summer Night,  Op. 34 (1985) (Reduction); Published by Theodore Presser. 8'

flute, cello and piano

Lyric Trio, Op. 27 (1983) Commissioned by the Huntingdon Trio, Winner, NFA Newly Published Music, 1994. 18'

flute and harp

Dances and Variations (1996), Commissioned by W. Dobbs, premiered at Kennedy Center

flute, violin, viola, cello

Divertimento, Op. 8 (1975) 12'

flute and guitar

Canyon Echoes, Op. 45 (1991) Commissioned and premiered by Duologue; Premiered at the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, Nov. 1991, Winner, NFA Newly Published Music, 1993. 17'

Caprice (1999) 3', Commissioned and premiered by Red Cedar Chamber Music

flute and marimba/vibraphone

Two Preludes:  I “Uptown” & II “Out of Town (2012) for Zara Lawler and paul Fadoul.

woodwind quintet

Qwindtet, Op. 37 (1987) (manuscript) Commissioned by the Hudson Valley Quintet & Peter Alexander. 16'

Homage to Bartok, Op. 7 (1975) Performed by the Dorian, Sylvan, many other quintets. 14'

Played by Katherine Hoover

Played by Katherine Hoover

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