Four Winds for flute and orchestra, also available with piano reduction

Eleni:  A Greek Tragedy, Op. 36 (1986) Full Orch(15') [3333 4331 Timp, Perc, Guit, Alto, Str]. A tone poem, based on Nicholas Gage's moving book Eleni; combining Greek folk themes and contemporary writing.  Performed by 13 orchestras, including Harrisburg, Ft. Worth, St. Joseph, Camellia and Ventura County Symphonies. THEODORE PRESSER, on rental. 

Night Skies, Op. 46 (1992) Full Orch. (25'). [4333 6440 Hp Timp Perc Str] Tone poem; premiered January 1994 Harrisbutrg Symphony, L Newland, Music Dir.; Hoover conducting Excellent review; orchestra and audience enthusiastic. PAPAGENA PRESS, on rental.  Click here for review.

Two Sketches, Op. 42 (1989) Med. Orch. (12'). [2223(2) 2210 Pno, Hp, Cel, Timp, Perc, Str]. Two varied movements: "Winter Sands", a sea study, & "Turnabout", a swiftly moving musical palindrome. Comm. by the Womens Philharmonic, prem. 4/20/90 under Joann Falletta. THEODORE PRESSER, on rental. 

Stitch-Te Naku, Op. 47 (1994) (18') VC & Sm. Orch.; Prem. Sharon Robinson & Rohnert Park Orch. CA, N. Washburn, Cond., November 1996. [Solo VC, 2222, 4210, Pn+cel, Tp, 2 Perc, Str] VC Concerto based on Pueblo tale of Grandmother Spider who wove the world. PAPAGENA PRESS, parts on rental.

Clarinet Concerto Op. 38 (1987) (22') [2212 1 Sax, 2330, 2 Perc, Str] Three movements, with a debt to big bands and jazz. Written for & premiered by Eddie Daniels with the Santa Fe Symphony 9/87 THEODORE PRESSER, engraved with piano red.; parts on rental.

Medieval Suite,  Op. 18a (1984) Fl. & Sm. Orch) (18') [Solo Fl, 1121, 2020, Hp, Timp, Perc Str]. Orchestration of popular Fl/Pno work; 5 movements; dramatic and virtuosic. Prem. by  C. Smith with Reno Phil., Nov. 1989. THEODORE PRESSER, engraved with piano; orch. parts on rental.

Double Concerto, Op. 40 (1989) (14') [2 Solo Vn, Str] Light work, for soloists to enjoy. Numerous performances. Comm. & Prem. by SE Kansas Orch., C. Martin, Cond.; Sept. 1989. THEODORE PRESSER, engraved with pno red; parts for sale.

Summer Night, Op. 34 (1985) (8') [Fl, Hn, Str] 1 movement, combining a slow and fast dance. Many performances. Recorded Leonarda CD 327. THEODORE PRESSER, engraved with piano red.; parts on rental.

Psalm 23, Op. 21a (1981) SATB Chorus & Sm. Orch.; Comm. by Episcopal Diocese of NY; Prem. at Cathedral of St. John the Divine, Oct. 1981 4' 

Turner Impressions, (2003-6) 4 Mvts; 22’ 3333, 4331, 3 Perc., Hp, Pno + Hpsch, Inspired by paintings of J. M. W. Turner